Engineering Design

At Concrete Engineering, we’re at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology. We undertake responsibility for the design and delivery of some of the largest infrastructural projects undertaken in the UK. We’re proudly part of the Carlow Precast Group developing and preserving our unique expertise in future of construction.

We take overall design responsibility for our projects. We support the site teams, the temporary works teams and the offsite manufacturer using all modern design techniques to deliver competent innovative solutions on time, with less cost and less carbon.

In addition to concrete and steel structures, we design the mechanisms, hydraulics, electrics and electronics that go into offsite production systems. For Engineers who enjoy engineering, we offer unique opportunities to create, prototype, test, manufacture and deliver innovation.

RC Detailing

In situ construction

Approx 50% of our rebar production is for substantial in-situ components in major infrastructural works. We optimise curtailment opportunities to reduce cost, weight, construction time and carbon. Our Customers want fewer people on site for less time with less risk and less cost. The criteria for construction decision making are changing and we’re meeting the challenges.

General arrangement

As part of a component system every manufactured product is unique and precisely defined. It must integrate seamlessly with adjacent components. Even before integration in the works the units have undergone significant extraction, early handling and transport loading scenarios. There can be no surprises with offsite fabrication and every detail of the product must be defined. This is where we excel with unusually thorough product drawings and specifications embodying vast experience in making things work.

RC detailing

We produce rebar from coil using our own straightening, cutting, and bending machines. We produce to tighter tolerances and more complex shapes than are commercially available from stockholders. Our unique depth of experience in offsite fabrication brings RC design and detailing to the level of complexity necessary to deliver at faster rates of construction.

Bar Scheduling

To optimise every aspect of the manufactured product we schedule incrementally to follow changes in the product profile or thickness. Every detailing efficiency is relevant to producing product reliably, safely, faster at manufacture and with minimum construction times on site.

Lifting and Handling

The products journey to site is sometimes as onerous as the service condition. Detailing and provision for these additional applications are fundamental to successful offsite fabrication and increase the detailers understanding of the manufacturing process and its impact on design.

Automated Detailing

While much of our detailing is unsuited to conventional automated RC software, we need skilled in-house detailers to help us develop our own software for both internal use and international franchising. With our growing profile in the UK Water and Energy sectors these facilities are essential to keeping up with demand for new and replacement infrastructure. Automated detailing with offsite fabrication is the future and we’re at the leading edge.



Defining the correct solution through early early contractor involvement, BIM and other technologies.


Applying advanced software to drive innovation.


Always exploring opportunities to meet with our Clients evolving requirements.

Production Engineering

Designing the Fabrication, hydraulics, Electrics and Electronics to make production possible.


Valuing imaginative thought.


Building client confidence.

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