Stormcast Attenuation System

STORMCAST The market leader and most widely used stormwater attenuation solution in the UK.

Award Winning Stormwater Management Solutions for the Housebuilder


Our multi award winning patented stormwater attenuation solution is the market leader and most widely used in the UK. It has a comforting and proven track record with over 1700 installations. STORMCAST is now recognised throughout the industry by Designers, Engineers and Local Authorities.

First line of defence in Flood Alleviation


  • Sulphate Resistant
  • High over burden applications
  • Heavy vehicle loadings
  • Flotation resistant
  • 100 year + design life
  • Unlimited size and configuration options
  • Depts from 0.8 to 4m options
  • Short manufacturing and delivery lead times
  • Designed to British and EU Standards
  • 15 year guarantee

Superior Constructibility

  • No temporary propping required
  • Minimum spoil removal from site
  • Low flow and benching options
  • Integrated sump and flow control options
  • No underdrainage required
  • Factory fitted self healing joints
  • In-situ floor absorbs variations in ground preparation
  • Setting out strip ensures accuracy of critical components

Reduced cost solutions

  • You get everything you need in one system
  • No specific back fill required
  • No site applied sealants required
  • No grouting
  • Price certainty
  • Total cost quoted with no additional third party costs
  • DfMA Standard solution available
  • Significant use of locally sourced materials (by the customer)
  • Smallest footprint requirement

Enhanced Safety

Integrated safety hand railing

  • No hotwork required
  • Small team and rapid installation
  • RAMS included
  • Installation handbook for customer installation
  • Telephone support
  • Safe transport and offloading systems to EN12195

STORMCAST offers cost effective and easy to install solutions to meet the demands of almost any stormwater problem in heights from 0.8m to 8m.

The Process




Pre Installation Planning

Efficient installation

Smart modularisation combined with local materials ensures a typical installation of one week by three personnel with crane hire (for as little as three days).

Reduced preliminaries, labour, construction time and plant hire brings significant cost savings to your project.

Installation Features and Benefits
Installation Service Options

Inspection & Maintenance

  • Easily maintained – Full maintenance and inspection access
  • Non-slip flooring


  • Low carbon solution (typically 50% GGBS)

100 year + design life


Typical STORMCAST product timeline

Quotation and detailed proposal 6 days
Design and drawings (for approval) 14 days
Design and drawings DfMA Standard (web download available) 0 day
Manufacture and delivery (depending on size and complexity) 7 – 28 days
Installation (depending on size and complexity) 5 – 28 days


STORMCAST is adaptable to any plan shape or configuration with preformed openings to accommodate the site drainage strategy. Capacities to date have varied from as little as 80m3 to as much as 23,000m3, all displacing competitor products as the best value and most efficient solution. Our products are installed beneath green areas, car parks, roads and buildings.

Challenging sites

STORMCAST allows for staged construction including backfilling and is resilient to flooding during construction.


STORMCAST tanks and soakaways are the perfect compliment to Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Culvert Applications

Significant advantages over traditional culverts include:

Rapid and easy installation

Find out how you can get the same components to the same standard, faster and more cost effectively when you choose a DfMA Standard STORMCAST



Advanced Infrastructure Design

We are at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology, undertaking responsibility for the design and delivery of some of the largest precast concrete infrastructural projects in the

Whether your project is large or small, we can take overall design responsibility or provide just the service you need. We support the site teams using all modern design technologies (including BIM) to deliver competent innovative solutions on time, with less cost and less carbon.

“Stormcast proved more beneficial than in-situ due to cost, health and safety, maintenance and future extension. Given the constraints of the development, we feel Stormcast provided the most economical and robust solution.”

Anthony Tang, Technical Manager, Persimmon Homes

“Carlow Precast assisted in obtaining Yorkshire Water approval by providing the technical backup to our application. Stormcast offered a good cost saving and shorter construction period reducing a number of the stages required by alternative systems.”

Paul Wharam, Engineering Manager, Barratt Homes

STORMCAST clients include:

For more information about our Stormcast Attenuation System products and services please call our technical team on 0870 493 1408 or email us at .