Carlow Precast specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of DfMA Solutions to the challenging demands of the UK Water Industry.

Simply put, we pour wet concrete against hard concrete. We create DfMA infrastructure using a modern approach to established technologies. This allows us to achieve all the requirements of conventional codes and standards for waterproofing integrity and durability while easily achieving 100+ design life without the introduction of unproven materials or construction techniques.

Our mission is to nurture sustainable relationships with our Clients, preserving experience and innovating responsibly. We invest heavily in people and production infrastructure to ensure complete control of the delivery process, safely, on time, at the correct quality and price, consistent with our Clients aspirations.

The following case studies at Jackson’s Edge SR and Oswestry WTW demonstrate the confidence our Clients have in what we do. (In their words, not ours!)


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pdf Case Studies CP Service Reservoir 2017 SM 7 MB 1914

For more information about our Water products and services please call our technical team on 0870 493 1408 or email us at .